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Breaking news.   PaperFree has signed an agreement to supply a solution to one of the pan Canadian Regulators for Credential Validation. (Worldwide for entry to practice in Canada)
Some of the Awarding Bodies that have verfied awards using  our solution (1996 - present)

It is important to recognise the role Awarding Bodies have played in the acceptance of E-Portfolios in the UK.  We would like to acknowledge that, after working with them for several years, City & Guilds and the IMI were the first Awarding Bodies in the UK to endorse an e-portfolio. That portfolio was ours.
The world founders of competency based e-portfolio technology, accredited by Awarding and Regulatory Bodies for 2 decades
The World's First Accredited e-Portfolio was Developed
Back in 1993 we developed something
that changed the face of Education forever
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Salzburg Investigation (Europortfolio Group)
They concluded that PaperFree was a system that met its standards to be listed as "State of the Art".

In the list provided, no other current Awarding Body endorsed or supported solutions were listed apart from ours.
Breaking news.   PaperFree has signed an agreement to be exclusive
partners with Qualifi, a UK awarding organisation, to offer real time monitoring of learners' progress and achievement through an e-portfolio and EILP as part of the registration for no additional fees nor increased cost.

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